Fertility Awareness Method For PCOS- Ovulation Tracking Guide

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The Fertility Awareness Method for PCOS- Ovulation tracking guide

No more wondering where your period is, if you’re ovulating or why your period app keeps telling you your period is coming and then it never does! This guide will teach you how to use Fertility Awareness Method to ACCURETLY chart your cycle and track ovulation. 

Whether you are trying to conceive or regulate your menstrual cycle this guide is for you! Ovulation is the main event of your cycle you’ll learn the exact steps for how to know when you are most fertile. The Fertility Awareness Method for PCOS guide- Learn how to track your ovulation to optimise your fertile window and conceive naturally or prevent pregnancy.


Fertility awarness method for PCOS-

OVULATION tracking guide!


If you are trying to conceive you need this guide! Having PCOS means that we don't always ovulate on day 14 and sometimes you may even have irregular cycles meaning that you ovate at different times each cycle. This guide will teach you how to track your cycle using F.A.M, an accurate non algorithm based method that allows you to not only learn when you ovulate but also optimise your fertile window to increase your chances of concieving.

Not trying to fall pregnant? This guide is still for you! Using F.A.M you can effectively use it to prevent pregnancy by learning your fertile window and take the guessing game out of when your period is coming!

  • Learn your individual fertile window
  • Discover how to optimise your fertile window
  • Learn how to track and confirm ovulation using BBT, Cervical Mucus & Cervical Position
  • Learn how to prevent pregnancy by understanding your fertile signs and fertile window
  • Increase chances of conceiving on long and irregular menstrural cycles while you work to regulate them!




Want to learn how to support your body nutritionally and optimise your fertility and improve your PCOS symptoms 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' please see HERE.

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