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The Workouts Home Edition is a 12 week training program that is designed to completely transform the way you move your body with the flexibility of doing it from where ever you are!

This is a 113 page digital download ebook with 12 weeks of custom, specifically designed workouts for women with PCOS that can be easily integrated into your personal schedule in a flexible and maintainable way.

part two: THE workouts

PCOS HOME specific workout program

We all live busy lives and the thought of trying to find time to make it to the gym might just be all too much, but that’s ok, because you can get all the benefits of exercising to support your body without having to leave the comfort of your home! This 12 week comprehensive workout program is specifically designed to be time effective and manageable no matter where you are. Split into three phases, you will progress through a series of workouts that incorporate strength/resistance and H.I.I.T style training- (yes you can H.I.I.T if you have PCOS)  that have been specifically designed to give you maximum benefits of fat burn while supporting your hormones back to balance. Worried that H.I.I.T isn’t right for you? Don’t. This program teaches you how to go at your own pace and balance your workouts with optimal recovery and active rest. more

This is a home-based program, all you need is a set of resistance bands, a pair of dumbbells and a mat!

You will learn to listen to your body allowing you to put in the work when it allows and to pull back when it doesn't, this flexibility is what makes this program like no other and is crucial to the success and maintainability of your exercise.

ThiS IS PART TWO of the PCOS Bible ebook-   please CLick for part one HERE .

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10 reviews for The Workouts-Home Edition

Steph Robinson

I have had such a challenging time finding out the balance between working out too much and supporting my body. With all the information out there that I’ve found, THIS has been the most helpful by far. I am so pleased with my results, but moreover, knowing my body after doing these workouts. Can’t recommend this enough.

Simone Pope

This book has been a godsend! The workouts are so easy to implement at home and you can always find time to fit them in your day as they aren’t too long either. Bonus that these workouts help support your PCOS without flogging yourself at the gym everyday. You will learn to listen to your body and find out the intensity that works for you. Highly recommend purchasing!

Jessica B

I’ve always found it hard to stay motivated to work out at home but the workouts Kayla has specifically designed for PCOS have never been easier. She walks you through each step and has a day by day guide you can follow with minimal equipment. All you need is a yoga mat, some resistant bands, and a few weights! She even created an awesome playlist to go along with the workouts to make them even more fun. I love that I learned to listen to my body from Kayla because you can easily alter any of the workouts to fit what your body needs. It’s clear to anyone who purchases the ebook + workouts that Kayla really spent the time and energy to create something amazing.


Kayla’s workouts are the best I’ve tried. It’s been the only workout plan that I have stuck to in my entire life! The pictures give a quick glance, she also has Instagram videos for details. I love that she has paced them at a rate comfortable for individuals. I feel energized during and post workout. Thanks again, Kayla!

Marianna Lambropoulos

I was working out before and feeling completed depleted after my workout and still gaining weight! This has been the best purchase of my life. These are easy to do at home and I feel great after a workout! I highly recommend purchasing this and the ebook on nutrition. They are both life changing! I can’t say it enough buy these you won’t regret it!!

Ashley S

I never knew where to start when it came to working out. I live in a very rural town with jo gym access, so I needed something that would help guide me from home, and this is it! Easy to follow, and very doable workouts for even a busy mom and teacher! 100% recommend!


Figuring out how to exercise with PCOS is a challenge, and to have a resource break down what you need to do every single day is a BLESSING. Kayla was my mentor for her 1:1 The Comeback mentorship program a year ago, and I’m still using the guidance she gave me. What I like about the home workouts is that it mixes up HIIT with “rest days.” Rest days for me consist of taking walks or doing yoga. The HIIT workouts are challenging, but I feel energized and amazing afterwards. I have been using these workouts consistently for a couple months, and I have seen a difference in my indurance, the way my clothing fits, and my strength. I don’t have a scale at home right now, but I’m sure I have lost weight, too. The bright side to PCOS is knowing we don’t need to over exhaust ourselves to get results, and Kayla shows you how! Thanks, Kayla!


The PCOS Bible Home workouts is amazing, not only is it filled with info and workouts but there is sooo much support that comes with it. Well worth the investment in you and your heath!

Ruzha Sirmanova

I bough the bundle on Christmas and loved it. I have been going to the gym for years and started using the Gym workout ebook straight away but didn’t expect I will need the home workout book but got it just in case. Three months later, when the lockdown started I was so stressed about having to do my workouts at home, rather than my usual routine in the gym.

I wouldn’t have known where to start or what to do without the home workout ebook. It is so clear and structured and don’t have to worry about coming up with exercises. If there was a second book with more workouts, I would absolutely buy it as well. It’s completely changed things for me!

Awni Chawla

There is so much information out there on the internet which makes it difficult to decide the right and actually genuine approach. This book lays out a clear and very practible workout plan, giving me the exact direction to follow. Very happy with the purchase.

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