Nourish Your Hormones Recipe eBook

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Learn how to support your body back to balance in a realistic and maintainable way!

This recipe book will take the overwhelm out of wondering what to eat when it comes to nourishing your hormones. 

This is a 114 page digital download ebook filled with nourishing, delicious, and easy to follow recipes. These recipes are whole-food focused, including plant-based options, aiming to help you include more nutrient dense food into your day to help support hormone balance and better menstrual cycle health while you learn to overcome your PCOS.

nourish your hormones recipe ebook

100 + PCOS Friendly recipes from breakfast, to snacks, lunch, sweet treats, drinks, dinner and desserts!
All recipes include a balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates which may help to promote blood sugar balance throughout the day.
  • Whole-food focused
  • Plant Based/Vegan options
  • Gluten Free recipes
  • Diary Free recipes
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Easy and tasty


Written by a Cyster for a Cyster, Kayla has been overwhelmed and confused, restricted, and lost about what to do with her PCOS, using her knowledge and the support of the people around her, she has been able to overcome her symptoms and is determined to help other women through it too.
Kayla has a Bachelor of Psychological science, a Certificate of Human Nutrition, and is a qualified Teacher, with the help of “The Woman’s Dietitian“, Cory Ruth, MS, RDN, Naturopath Tanya Goldie, ND, and Personal trainer/Sport Scientist Anthony Lintern, she has created 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' to combine everything you need in one reliable source.


Learn how to incorporate these recipes to suit your PCOS body's needs 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' please see HERE.



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Reading 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' prior to partaking in 'The Comeback' will give you a huge advantage and our 1:1 time will be spent more effectively, allowing us to delve deeper into setting you up for success now and for in your future.

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52 reviews for Nourish Your Hormones Recipe eBook


The PCOS bible has been life changing its helped me to unpack all the answers i hasn’t been been able to find elsewhere. Do yourself a favour and invest in yourself!

Steph Robinson

The PCOS Bible and Kayla have been life-changing for me. I no longer wonder if I can do something; instead of being limited by rules, I am empowered with knowledge. I am so thankful for this program and cannot recommend this enough.

Bronte Hutchinson

A great base for ideas for meals and snacks to help balance out your hormones. Love that there are recommend variations to cater for your dietary needs. Just wished that there was more recipes to enjoy!


The PCOS bible has been the best thing. The recipes are so good and are so easy to make.

Gemma Thomas

I purchased the nourish your hormones ebook last year & I absolutely love it 😍 I love how there are so many different recipes to suit all tastes & it’s really opened my eyes to all the different food I can have without feeling horrible or bloated afterwards it’s truly brilliant and I’m so glad I got it. My favourite recipe is the creamy sun dried tomato pasta but I also love the brownie protein pancakes so good 😋 thank you Kayla u have helped me more then u know 🤗 x


From the information within the PCOS bible, I knew what foods and food groups I should be eating but I still found it difficult to come up with recipes myself. This recipe book gave me so many great food options that I use weekly & provided some much needed inspiration to create my own recipes. Highly recommend!

Grainne Le Fevre

I love this recipe book! There are so many great options and they are delicious and simple. I have incorporated loads of the recipes into my every day routine and I feel great. Kayla has made eating for PCOS really easy and fun!


Such a good book to have! The recipes are so yummy and they range from quick to a little bit more effort required! Great when you’re in a rush, but also great when you want to do some mindful cooking and slow down! Really helped me improve my relationship with food

Lorena Corujo

When it comes to eating hormone healthy food I didn’t know where to begin this book gave me great recipes that helped me jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.


This recipe ebook is the most helpful and informative ebook I have purchased to help with my PCOS symptoms! The recipes are amazing and they have made a huge difference in my symptoms. I highly recommend this ebook! You won’t regret this purchase!

Izabel De Varga

This book has everything you need to transition to eating to support your body! I love it!

Amanda Hanning

The pcos bible and nourish Your hormones has helped me so much in my journey of getting control of my pcos. Invest in yourself and in the pcos bible!

Michelle Quayle

Hi, this ebook is so informative. Lots of info about pcos. Finding your carb number/ tolerance was really interesting to me. I’m still working on that one. The biggest thing for me is being able to eat carbs and remain vegan, instead of being told to eat meat as we need the protein and need to stop eating carbs all together.


This recipe ebook is a must have if you have PCOS, not only do I enjoy the recipes included but my partner does also. The butter chicken is to die for 🤤 This ebook is definitely a staple in my household. You can’t go wrong purchasing it that’s for sure.

Sesarena Cadavid

Kayla this recipe book is bomb. One of My favorite recipes is the chia pudding. Such a simple yummy and balanced , hormone friendly delight for a snack or breakfast. Thank you for all you do !

Bethan Horsley

Nourish your hormones has helped me to learn how to eat to help my body. I like the sections that the book is split into as it helped me to break down to make small changes at a time (I started with breakfast). Highly recommend to help with trying new recipes while understanding how to feed your body with pcos


I love this book! Nourish Your Hormones gives you delicious simple recipes all PCOS friendly! Clear instructions make it easy even for the novice cook like me!! Wouldn’t be without it!


Simple, nourishing and tasty! So glad I got this book, the recipes have shown me finally that healthy doesn’t mean tasteless or boring!


A book filled with lots of really good, easy to make, nutritious foods that has really helped me on my PCOS journey. I love it!

Gemma Louise

Such a helpful book filled with loads of delicious recipes. It’s very informative with everything you need to support your body from a nutritional perspective. It is great to learn that there are so many types of foods that can be eaten to nourish your body and improve PCOS. Thank you Kayla!!


The Nourish Your Hormones recipe book is packed full of delicious recipes to support your hormones. Having recently found out I have PCOS it has been a great resource for healthy tasty meals and I’d feel lost without it. The brownie recipe is so good!

Brittany Torres

Kayla is absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable! She knows first hand what it’s like to manage PCOS, you won’t regret getting your hands on this.


This ebook is so versatile – it does not conform to one type of diet! Each recipe gives you little tips on how to make the meal dairy free, gluten free or meat free if that’s what you wish to follow. I have cooked the recipes for my family too who absolute love it!!

Kaight Conheady

A PCOS diagnosis can feel really limiting and scary. Thanks to Nourish Your Hormones, I have been able to find recipes that don’t make me feel limited in my food choices! I am finally able to feel full and satisfied while knowing that I am taking care of my body!!

Laura Milford


The ebook is wonderful, it’s really helped me get my PCOS under control and the recipes are simply delicious!


I’ve been loving the recipes in this ebook! It’s filled with delicious and easy recipes that make preparing nourishing PCOS friendly meals a breeze. My favourites are the Coconut Turmeric Cauliflower & Creamy Coco-Almond Porridge.


This is a MUST HAVE for anyone exploring their PCOS journey!
It has a wide range of delicious recipes with great pics for inspiration!
It’s full of helpful tips as well and the recipes are easy to implement which I love!

Amanda Dillon

This ebook is a must have for anyone on their PCOS journey!
The recipes are easy to implement and delicious and the pics are great for inspiration.
Great for the whole family too!

Lidiia Dynka

This book just proves that healthy food can be tasty:) so many recipes to choose from and are easy to make. Layered nacho dip is one of my favorites!

Lidiia Dynka

This book just proves that healthy food can be tasty:) so many recipes to choose from and they are easy to make. Layered nacho dip is one of my favorites!


This book just proves that healthy food can be tasty:) so many recipes to choose from and are easy to make. Layered nacho dip is one of my favorites!

Lidiia Dynka

This book just proves that healthy food can be tasty:) so many recipes to choose from and are easy to make. Layered Nacho dip is reeeaaally good:))

Jerri Withell

The recipes in this book are amazing and so tasty. I love that it’s got alternative options for vegetarians. It’s honestly made my cooking and eating habits so much easier. Love it 😊

Maxine Peregin

Thanks to PCOS bible I realised how much my food was effecting me! Kayla’s recipes made the switch to a healthier lifestyle so easy and didn’t feel like I was restricting my diet in any way! I have so much more energy now and honestly never felt better!


I’m not much of a cook but have managed to make these recipes with ease. I love that when people come over for dinner or it’s a share a plate event, these meals fit in nicely and no one knows they’re actually having PCOS friendly food. Such a great resource when you’re unsure what to eat. Thanks Kayla.


When I was diagnosed with PCOS I was so overwhelmed with what I can and cannot do/eat. Somehow I found The PCOS Bible on insta and that’s when I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A few months later Nourish Your Hormones ebook came out. I got it immediately as I really needed help with recipes for foods I could eat and how to partner all the food groups up correctly. It has not only helped me nourish my body but my mind too as I don’t need to over think anything when making a dish as there is no need to make substitutions. Whatever the recipe says is good and nourishing. I always feel good after one of the meals I cook from the ebook and love that there are snack and dessert options too for when my sweet tooth kicks in.


All of Kayla’s guides are great! They have really helped me on my PCOS journey! The recipe book is a huge help as it can point my husband in the right direction when he cooks. I live off and crave the Creamy Coco-Almond Porridge especially during my luteal phase!

Elizabeth Perry

This ebook is amazing. I loved being able to try new things and the recipes were easy and fun to try with my husband. Where my kale chip lovers at?!!!!


This ebook is amazing. The recipes are easy to make and there are a lot of options. The notes in each recipe are really helpful if we don’t have all the ingredients and need replacements.

Gemma Fox

The PCOS BIBLE helped me learn the importance of healthy fats and understand the root cause of my PCOS. With the help of the Bible, I was able to transition to a less imflammatory, plant-based diet!


Lots of good recipes and fun ideas to try out! I’ve really enjoyed trying them – especially the shortbread cookies!


The PCOS bible is the only bible! I am so grateful for this PCOS guide that not only have helped me with understanding my body but also allow me to navigate through PCOS in a friendlier way via healthy eating and selflove support. Thank you for creating this book.

Morgin M

This recipe book has been super beneficial! It’s has such a variety that it can cater to different diets, vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian meals. I especially like all the different drinks that are in this book. The carrot cake bars are one of my favourite recipes in this book and is such a hit at home!


This ebook is amazing! It took the stress away from my weekly meal prep with knowing I was preparing and consuming foods which supported my hormones. All recipes are easily to follow, prepare and taste so good. Every cyster needs this ebook.

Alysia Blundell

Such an amazingly helpful recipe book! It’s helped me so much in changing my lifestyle to help manage my PCOS. The recipes are easy to make and delicious too!


These recipes are delicious and it’s great that the ingredients needed are easy to find at your local supermarket. Yum, yum, yum – hand me another Brownie Protein Pancake!


I highly recommend the Nourish Your Hormones Recipe Book!! Simple and easy which is good for someone who isn’t the best cook haha but best of all yummy!!


This ebook is so versatile! It does not conform to one type of diet and I love that each page has tips on how to make the recipes gluten free, dairy free or meat free depending on your preference. I have made lots of these recipes for my family – butter chicken is an absolute favourite in our house!!


The e-book has been life changing. The recipes are delicious. Sharing PCOS-meal with my friends and family has never been so easy. Thank you for your help in my PCOS journey


This ebook has helped me so much. I am not good at figuring out how to plan my meals and make them more pcos friendly and keep them balanced so this book is essential. It has meals for everyone too! If my husband is in the mood for chicken and my daughter and I want to stay more plant based I can make recipes for everyone and have everyone in the house eat healthy with me. Plus, the meals are super easy so I can bond with my daughter (3 y/o) and get her in the kitchen with me.


Absolutely amazing! Not only are the recipes healthy but also super delicious. I’m having so much more energy without having any cravings for fast food. Would recommend everyone who wants to change their diet without missing out!

Holly Burt

This recipe book is a game changer!! So easy to read and it has made nourishing my hormones so much easier!! Can not recommend enough

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