The PCOS Bible – eBOOK w/ Home Workouts

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Learn how to support your body back to balance in a realistic and maintainable way!

This guide will completely transform the way you view your PCOS diagnosis with all the knowledge and actionable steps that empower you to naturally balance your hormones, improve your symptoms and feel better!

This is a 230+ page digital download ebook jam packed with everything from determining the root cause of your PCOS, how to eat in a PCOS friendly way to nourish your hormones, supplement recommendations, plus a comprehensive 12 week exercise program, designed specifically for PCOS.

The PCOS Bible - eBook - Overcome and Heal your PCOS Naturally - with HOME specific workout program.



For a more detailed description about 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' please see HERE.

Newly diagnosed? Long-term warrior? Where ever you are with your PCOS, this eBook is for you, it is unlike any other.
No strict diets, no meal plans, no excessive exercise regimes, learn to nourish and listen to your body, so that you can support it in a balanced way. A natural, holistic approach to better manage and even reverse the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, to help you feel better and LOVE your body in more ways than one. more

You will learn methods to apply throughout your day that will stay with you for the rest of your life, allowing you to have control, and feel empowered for years to come. This e-Book will become a life long resource for you to use throughout your PCOS journey.
Written by a Cyster for a Cyster, Kayla has been overwhelmed and confused, restricted, and lost about what to do with her PCOS, using her knowledge and the support of the people around her, she has been able to overcome her symptoms and is determined to help other women through it too.
Kayla has a Bachelor of Psychological science, a Certificate of Human Nutrition, and is a qualified Teacher, with the help of “The Woman’s Dietitian“, Cory Ruth, MS, RDN, Naturopath Tanya Goldie, ND, and Personal trainer/Sport Scientist Anthony Lintern, she has created 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' to combine everything you need in one reliable source.


For a more detailed description about 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' please see HERE.
This eBook includes,
  • PCOS and Menstrual cycle Guide
    • Learn about the 'Root Causes' of PCOS and how to identify your 'root cause/s'.
    • 'Root Cause' QUIZ, with how to make changes depending on YOUR 'Root Cause/s'.
    • Discover how to 'Hack' your menstrual cycle.
  • Detailed Nutrition Guide
    • No strict Meal Plans!!!
    • Enjoy your favourite meals without feeling guilty or going backwards on what you have already achieved.
    • Sustainable methods to make meals PCOS friendly.
    • Learn the effects of different foods on the body and hormones.
    • Shift your mindset around food to help nourish your body.
    • Nutrition has been approved by qualified “The Woman’s Dietitian“, Cory Ruth, MS, RDN.
  • Carbohydrate tolerance and Macros Guide
    • Determine the carb tolerance that suits your body.
    • Use this to calculate your Macros to ensure you are giving your body the right fuel it needs. Use the BMR and Macros calculator.
    • Learn the tools that teach you that it's not all about restriction.
  • Supplement Guide
    • Learn about different hormonal balances that may be contributing to your symptoms.
    • Take the Hormonal Imbalances QUIZ to find out yours, and use the supplement guide to find specific supplement recommendations based your imbalances and symptoms.
    • Supplements suggestions have been approved by Naturopath Tanya Goldie, ND
  • 12 week Workout Program
    • No 'slogging' yourself with Cardio, no more feeling guilty for missing a session.
    • Learn to LOVE your body through a healthy balance of exercise and recovery.
    • Flexibility to allow pulling back when your body needs it.
    • Effective, balanced and achievable, exercise program suitable for all abilities with advanced options.
    • Complete video exercise library, and photos in the document to show technique and motion.
    • Available in either GYM or HOME workout version.
    • The exercise program has been checked and approved by highly qualified Personal Trainer and sports scientist, Anthony Lintern.
  • Bonus Recipes
    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Free from Refined sugar
    • Plant-based with options to add meat.
This version of the eBook includes the HOME specific workout program.

From the comfort of your own home, local park or with friends, these workouts are time effective and will progress you through 3 different phases over 12 weeks, allowing you to set foundations that you will build upon. Incorporating a combination of strength and more

resistance training and H.I.I.T based workouts all designed around ease of use, these enjoyable workouts and going to make you sweat and will return results. 'The Workouts' program is designed with approval by a qualified Personal Trainer to make sure they are PCOS friendly and safe for all abilities.

Being a HOME based program, this does require some equipment, you will need, a set of resistance bands, a pair of dumbbells and a mat.

You will learn to listen to your body allowing you to put in the work when it allows and to pull back when it doesn't, this flexibility is what makes this program like no other and is crucial to the success and maintainability of your exercise.

need that ACCOUNTABILITY? - 'the comeback' 1:1 pcos mentoring?

The Comeback 1:1 mentoring coaching for women with PCOS Kayla Jade founder creator of the PCOS bible

If you have read 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' but require more individualised support to bridge the gap, especially accountability, ultimately you can join my mentoring program "The Comeback", a 12 week 1:1 course where I will help you understand YOUR PCOS and make realistic and maintainable changes through your diet, lifestyle and mindset. I keep you accountable and teach you how to balance your hormones so that you can stop suffering and TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR BODY. For more information on "The Comeback" please click here.

Reading 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' prior to partaking in 'The Comeback' will give you a huge advantage and our 1:1 time will be spent more effectively, allowing us to delve deeper into setting you up for success now and for in your future.

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69 reviews for The PCOS Bible – eBOOK w/ Home Workouts


This ebook is an absolute wealth of knowledge and recourse! Wow! I have researched PCOS for years and have learned more through this book than I have over almost three years and multiple doctors! It’s clear that Kayla has done her “homework” and gathered such wonderful, factual information that will perfectly aid in every woman’s PCOS journey!!! THANK YOU KAYLA!!!


I love this guide! There is enough information to get you started with a deepened understanding of PCOS. It is easy to read and makes all the puzzle pieces snap together for a clear picture of how to make consistent changes toward better health! Gathering this information myself would have taken months and months of research, and Kayla has done such a great job of making it clear and fullsome without being too overwhelming. The workouts are great and easy to do with basic home equipment. They challenge you but provide modifications if you are just starting out. This is definitely a book that will grow with you as you learn and change your life. I admit that I hesitated over the price at first- for a digital book? Maybe you aren’t sure either! But I can tell you it is worth every cent!


I don’t have a PCOS diagnosis but I downloaded this ebook in hope of balancing my hormones and eating better for my body and I can honestly say a week in I’ve noticed a big difference, to my mind and hormones most importantly. It’s filled with some much amazing information, I’ve learnt so much and and It’s evident Kayla has put A LOT of research and time into this! I absolutely love it and couldn’t thank Kayla enough for creating this amazing ebook!


This Ebook has changed my life! It’s written beautifully and in simple terms, I’ve never understood my condition and what it’s truly doing to my body until reading our bible!

I have spent years ignoring and neglecting myself, just attempting to become comfortable with the fact that “this is how it’s going to be” but it’s not! And it doesn’t have to be!

If you’re sitting on the fence about whether to buy this ebook or not, sit with yourself, think about how you’re feeling, how tired you are of feeling this way and how badly you want better for yourself! You more then deserve normality and to be healthy and thriving!

This bible of knowledge and guidance can and will do that for you! I bought it the day it released started implementing changes and after 5 months with no cycle I already am having a period, I’ve lost 6kgs after being stuck on a plateau for months, my moods have stabilised and my body is changing, my physical/fitness endurance has improved and I view each day with the view of all the good things I’m doing for and within my body!

I can’t thank this gorgeous woman enough for giving me my life back!

Now it’s your turn xx


This ebook has all the information you need to understand and manage your PCOS. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start with understanding it. I found Kayla on Instagram and was able to work with her 1:1 in the comeback. Kayla provided me with information about food and workouts. When I heard she was in the works of creating this ebook I was so excited! This ebook exceeded my expectations, it so well done and the information Kayla provided is so beneficial for managing PCOS. The best thing you can do for yourself I purchase this ebook, from the information about PCOS, information on food and the workouts, it goes above and beyond and you won’t be disappointed!


Honestly the BEST resource out there for PCOS! Its helped me so much with understanding my pcos, from the way it works in my body, through to the root causes and the best ways to manage it. I love how it’s a natural healthy way that provides me with a long term solution rather than just a 30 day fad. The ebook is written in the easiest way to follow and understand. As I read each page I got more and more excited as it was finally something that understood what I was going through. 100% recommend this to everyone!! ❤️


To someone who has tried every diet out there and failed (of course as they have not been suiting my PCOS-body at all) I am super hopeful as after only 1 full week with the e-book bundle I feel a difference in my mindset but believe it or not: also in my body! I am learning a whole new way of exercising and I love the mindset Kayla presents when it comes to eating. I do not have to ever think I have “failed” at something and the support group we have is the best thing ever. Cyster, do not hesitate: if you just have the funds and feel like this could be something for you I promise: totally worth it <3


The EBook is thorough and well researched. It’s also written in a way that is uncomplicated and reassuring for those of us who have recently been diagnosed. When reading it you feel like you’re getting the right information to make helpful choices going forward. This is something you may not have received in the doctors office.

The workouts aren’t daunting at all and afterwards you know you’ve worked hard but you don’t feel completely burnt out. They’re well balanced and well structured for your week, there’s a great phase by phase structure to it and that gives you milestones to work towards.

Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone needing more information on where to go next with their pcos or generally looking for a balanced, thought out, workout plan!


This book is a must-have for anyone with PCOS who feels overwhelmed with the info online and doctors aren’t giving proper advice. The book allows you to find your root cause of PCOS, gives simple explanations to hormone imbalances, food swaps, useful supplements and workouts. I refer to it again and again in my day to day life. I feel grateful that I stumbled upon Kaylas Instagram page.


This eBook is a GAME CHANGER. Kayla has put so much time, research, and love into this, and it shows! She brings to the table so many eye-opening truths and encouragements about overcoming PCOS. She walks you through what is best for you and your body, and it makes it so much better that it’s not a “don’t do this” kind of book. She brings her passion for helping women and her passion for all things PCOS together to create a wonderful guide on how you can begin to care for your body and take control. Her knowledge presented is so easy to digest and grasp, and trust me, you’ll be inspired to start taking care of yourself ASAP!


Is it possible to give this book 5+ stars? I just finished reading this book in its entirety today, and all I can say is W.O.W. I really can’t put into words how much Kayla has changed my mindset about PCOS. I went from feeling like a “victim” in my own body to feeling blessed to be able to read and know my body better than I ever have in my life. This book is LITERALLY a bible for women who would like to get their hormones in check, not just those with PCOS. I did the first round of The Comeback 1:1 mentoring, and it felt like I was having a conversation with Kayla all over again while I read her book! It is seriously the best and my favorite book I’ve read about PCOS (and I have several!). You can tell Kayla did her research. What I love most about this book is the simplicity. It’s real, easy to understand, and the information is straightforward. That’s what I needed. I needed something that has all the information I would need/want to know in one place. I especially love that she helps you calculate your carb tolerance and macros. She has visuals, graphs, and pictures to help you understand concepts. This was awesome because I’m a visual learner. Learning how to exercise for your PCOS body is tough, and she literally spells out everything you should do. You feel like you have a friend whispering all the answers in your ear while you’re reading this book! This is a book that helps you figure out the root cause of your PCOS and how to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. You can’t put a price on your health. If you’re on the edge about buying this book, think again. I’d buy it again if I could. I am going to have it bound so that I can keep a copy readily at hand at all times and make notes on it! This truly is the ultimate PCOS resource. THANK YOU, KAYLA! ❤️


Kayla is a powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom and compassion. She has created more than an ebook with this masterpiece, she has created a small miracle ????
This book lays it out in an easy to understand, empowering and concise manner!
I was able to get to the root cause of my pcos and discovered the tools to help me, which had eluded me previously. There is soooo much information out there that it can be confusing and overwhelming, Kayla has put everything you need in one place so you can get your life back and thrive !


This ebook has made me aware of simple swaps in my diet I never knew existed I.e. flaxseed crackers instead of chips. The workouts have also helped keep me active while not making me feel fatigued and tired! I actually get a lot more energy from them so I am so very grateful for what information Kayla has shared in this book! I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago and have been doing research on it for so long, but I have never found a good, holistic way to manage my symptoms until this book. This book will NOT disappoint!

Sabrina K.

This e-book has transformed my life. I only wish it could be on hard copy (printed) as well.

Seriously, Cysters! This bundle has changed my life for good. First of all, Kayla put so much effort in writing this, and you can tell she pour her passion into it. It’s well written and easy to understand.

I’ve always been a studio/class workout type of gal. I thought working out from home was never for me, until I got into Kayla’s Home workout edition that come with this bundle. This is the best thing ever. ???????? It teaches you the proper way for training, it doesn’t take that much time out of your day to complete and IT WORKS!

I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with PCOS. It will change you!

Stephanie Silveira

This ebook is filled with so much helpful information and truly has helped me learn so much about my PCOS! I love how it’s not a set meal plan or recipes to follow but instead teaches you how to create your own meals that work for your body. I have lean PCOS and I felt like everything else I read wasn’t what I needed but this was amazing! The workouts are also so amazing and I can’t believe how effective they are in a short amount of time. I’m really enjoying them and don’t feel like I have to commit hours every day to working out. I seriously can’t rave enough about this! Thank you Kayla!


I was diagnosed with PCOS 12 years ago and nothing has ever stuck in terms of eating, workouts, etc. As a plus size gal, I have always been intimidated by gyms and feel like everyone there is staring at me. The home workouts are the only workout program I have EVER been able to keep up longer than a week. I am now on week 7 and am truly amazed I have come this far. They push me to get a great workout and I don’t feel completely overwhelmed while doing them. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found the PCOS Bible because it feels like I am FINALLY finding success in this journey.

Aroha Liebhart

I was wading my way through seas of information, taking months of trial and error and really not understanding which direction to go in. Then I stumbled across the PCOS Bible through an event from QENDO. Thank goodness! It turns out, I was doing well in my trials, but the PCOS Bible just really gave me the guidance and direction I was so desperately needing. Not only that, but alongside the book I was able to join an amazing group of cysters to gain support and accountability. My life surrounding my condition and health pursuits has completely turned around since purchasing this set of content!

Olivia Johnson

I absolutely love this ebook! I struggled to find a pcos guide that is supportive of plant based eating, but Kayla does an amazing job to be inclusive of everyone. I also love that she doesn’t support diet culture but rather encourages intuitive eating. I’ve also never been able to successfully follow workout plans, but Kayla’s guide is absolutely amazing! The workouts go so fast and I get excited to workout each day. This ebook is definitely a game changer!


Kayla did an amazing job filling this book with tons of helpful info on how to eat, workout and support your body to balance your hormones. After following it I was able to get my period back naturally, which I haven’t had on my own in years. Also the workouts are easy to follow but super effective. Worth the investment if you’re ready to rebalance your hormones natural


The PCOS Bible is a tool every woman should have! After a year of being stuck with my own research and limited knowledge, Kayla’s e-book helped me better understand and implement necessary but achievable changes to my lifestyle. The most comprehensive PCOS book I have read written by the most supportive and delightful Kayla!!


Love the e-book! Gives you perfect insight on how to take care of your body and reduce my pcos symptoms. Started making changes in diet and excersice in september last year. Purchased the e-book around christmas time and it really helped me to make that extra step. Feeling great and more in control of my pcos!

Sarah Nigro

The PCOSbible has been life changing for me! It simplified things so much at a time in my life when I felt like I had no control over my body. It helped me to see that I don’t have to give up all the food I love just because I have PCOS, and has also helped me find new recipes that I love. The home workouts have been amazing as well! This is the first program I have been able to follow without burn out. Kayla is always so willing to help and answer any questions I have.


Over the years I have tried what feels like hundreds of workout routines and never ever have I stuck to them. I’m on week 10 of the 12 week programme and am loving it! Easy to follow, easy to go at your own pace and most importantly fun and energising!


Purchasing this ebook and taking control of my health has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made!! I had been researching PCOS for 4 years when I happened to stumble across Kayla’s Instagram page. My biggest symptoms had been irregular cycles and hair loss and for years I was so lost and didn’t know what action to take. This ebook has been so useful and is broken down into manageable chunks so I can focus on one thing at a time. The home workouts = game changer!! Thanks to this ebook I am feeling great inside and out and am seeing results! My cycles are now the shortest they’ve ever been and I can finally see baby hairs growing – something I never thought would happen!! Thank you Kayla for the PCOS Bible, it has changed my life!


I’ve recently bought this ebook and it is so comprehensive. I’ve already started reading it and I love how it is really detailed, yet really easy to follow. I have endometriosis and PCOS and lately things have been getting much worse, but after starting to read this book it has given me hope that I can change my life and my hormones! I’m so excited to get started on the workouts next week too.


When I got my PCOS diagnosis, the only offer of support was hormonal birth control. After some determined searching I came across the PCOS Bible, Kayla is so genuine and it’s comforting to know this comes from someone in the same boat as me.
The workouts are simplified, the guide is easy to follow and the ebook has literally become my bible. No periods for 19 months, and after changing my diet it didn’t take long until my period returned. Thank you Kayla!


This ebook has changed my life! I bought this last christmas and read it cover to cover straight away. It’s simple and easy to follow and had so much information in it that was easy to digest. The workouts are challenging but don’t leave me feeling fatigued for days and days. The access to the online support group has been invaluable on my journey and I am so happy I purchased the ebook bundle! Do it! You won’t regret it!


This was exactly what I needed to get my health back on track. I have had PCOS for a year and a half and with little to no help from the Doctors, my symptoms were spiralling out of control and I had no idea how to manage them. This eBook goes through everything you need to know, including food, supplements and even an exercise guide, which is the only guide I’ve actually managed to do without making myself ill! Thank you so so muck Kayla for creating this resource for us, I can’t tell you how much it has helped me.


The PCOS bible has been life changing! Before purchasing the guide I didn’t really believe I could manage my PCOS symptoms without the bandaid fix of hormonal birth control.
The guide is empowering and easy to follow. Everything is explained clearly and in depth without being too much to digest. The online support group is invaluable.
I am forever grateful to Kayla and the PCOS bible.

Yazmin Evans

This e-book is a god send. Super easy to follow, and amazing information. Kayla makes my journey so easy to understand & very comforting. The workouts are amazing and easy to follow.

Amanda D

Kayla has outdone herself with this ebook! It takes everything from so many sources and from Kaylas own experiences and puts it into an incredible resource all in one place!
I have bought multiple programs, books etc and was still searching for answers. Kayla has managed to combine the answers to my questions plus so much more into this amazing ebook and community. Kayla is insightful, honest, inspiring and a powerhouse of support and encouragement. This ebook is a must have for anyone looking for answers and solutions to to their PCOS.
Thank you Kayla for such an amazing resource!

Henrietta Sweet

I think this is the best purchase I have ever made. It has changed my life. Teaching you all about PCOS, managing your symptoms and ways to exercise without exacerbating your symptoms in the most clear and easy way to understand. Kayla is so positive and supportive and always answers any questions you have as well. If you have PCOS and feel lost, you will not regret buying this book. Each day and step at a time you can make simple changes that will support your body and improve your symptoms! Thank you so much Kayla! X

Victoria Kelly

When I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 10 years ago, basically was told to lose weight and that was that. This Ebook has helped so much. The workouts have helped even more. I wanted to follow a schedule but I really couldn’t find one till this ebook. This has changed my life. Helped with my mental health too. Thank you so much for creating this book.


absolutely learnt so much info about the pcos i suffer from! it was so easy to understand and so easy to use the calculators to figure out my calories in takes etc. the info i got was also so helpful to distinguish what pcos i have and what supplements i could use to help me! i love the workouts too, always love a challenge but so easy to follow! i love this bible so much!! thank you kayla ????

Astrid Poulsen

I bought this a few months ago – and I love it! Before I read this I was confused and I didn’t know where to start – the diagnosis was so overwhelming for me, and it was difficult with all the misleading information from my own doctor and the supportgroups. This is the first time ever, that I’ve followed a programe so thoroughly, and I’m getting so much stronger without the fatigue and raging cortisol-levels. Thank you Kayla for all your wonderful work❤️

vidya vijay

This book completely helped me in understanding what is happening with my body, why it is happening and helped me to create a completely new lifestyle. Learning about my body signs and eating mindfully helped me reducing my anxiety and craving.. With respect to workouts, before these workouts I have never done any in my life.. It was completely beginner friendly and as I progressed with the weeks, I was shocked with what I was able to do.. Thank you Kayla for this awesome book..

Astrid Poulsen

This is an absolute musthave when you have PCOS! Easy access to knowledge, and I feel much more empowered now than when I got diagnosed. The workout e-book is brilliant as well – this is first time I’ve actually followed a workout schedule! Loving it – no more fatigue or raging cortisol-levels???????? Thank you so much Kayla❤️


Purchasing the PCOS Bible was one of the best investments into my health! When I first was diagnosed with PCOS, I was so overwhelmed with how to start healing my body. The PCOS Bible breaks down information in a way that is really easy to understand, it helps identify your root cause, teaches you how to balance hormones and provides tips and advice on eating for PCOS. The home workouts are very easy to follow, enjoyable and don’t drag on!
I definitely would recommend this e-book to anyone who has PCOS or is just looking to learn how to balance hormones. Kayla, along with this e-book, has helped me be in control of my body and has put me on the right track to heal my PCOS.
I couldn’t be happier ✨

Cathy Mitchell

Eye opening and a lot of “of course” moments, realising foods that pair with my flare ups.
The exercises are quite simple and efficient.
Highly recommend.


The ebook has helped me so much to balance my hormones and get my cycle back on track after being diagnosed 7 years ago! Can’t thank Kayla enough for all the help and motivation she has given me! Highly recommend buying this amazing resource.

Selina Thuir

Five years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, since then I am on the journey to heal myself. With the ebook Kayla created a beautiful source where you find all informations including eating habits, workout routines, supplements etc. to help you to get on the right path and to help you to overcome your symptoms. I can highly recommend the ebook with the home workout guide to get your hormones back on track. I can’t thank her enough for doing this. <3

Lizzie Perry

Seriously a not so hidden gem. I’ve struggled with my pcos since I was 15. Kayla has made it so easy to give back to my body what it deserves. Love and wellness. Don’t pass this up! Buy the bundle. You wont be disappointed at all!


This is an amazing resource to help better understand PCOS and ways to manage it naturally on your own. It helped me feel more empowered and capable of taking control of my own health! Kayla has worked very hard with a variety of healthcare professionals to compile reputable resources and research based content!

I have previously read a lot about PCOS and was overwhelmed with where to even start or how to make changes. Kayla helps lay things out in a way that is easy to understand and follow! Her personal experiences are so relatable and means she totally understands the struggles and the realistic journey we all face. This is not an “all or nothing” unsustainable approach or “diet”… this is an empowered journey of simple lifestyle changes that have a purpose to better understand and nourish our bodies with PCOS.

Gemma Louise

Since finding this ebook I am now equipped with so much knowledge on how to help my PCOS that I just couldn’t find anywhere else. I’ve discovered loads of helpful information through Kayla and since making the changes to my day to day life I can definitely feel the difference. I would definitely recommend this ebook and thank Kayla for putting together and taking the time to create the information in the ebook to make living with PCOS that much easier.


I remember when this ebook came out during the holidays and I was so excited for it! I’ve had PCOS at such a young age and never really understood it until I hit my 30s. Kayla’s book has been so inspiring to finally take care of myself and to finally understand what it means to have PCOS. I also had my husband read it too so that he can understand me better. It can be so hard to fully explain what PCOS is and this book has been so helpful for me to finally have my loved ones understand. Thank you SO much for all the hard work you put into this. I highly suggest you pick this up, you won’t be disappointed!!


I remember when this book came out during the holidays and I was so excited! I’ve had PCOS at such a young age and I never fully understood it until I hit my 30s. This book has been so inspirational and it made me truly understand what it was to live with PCOS and how I can manage to manage it better. There’s so much information and so much detail that it can actually make you feel content with having PCOS because it explains why we feel a certain way or why our body is doing certain things. I had my husband read this book too because we all know how it can be so difficult to explain what it really means to have PCOS. I highly recommend you get this book, you won’t regret it! I wish this kind of thing was around years ago. Thank you so much Kayla for all your love and support!


I purchased this e book when it was published and it helped me a lot in my pcos journey as it suggested what changes should I implement and serves as a guideline to help in controlling and managing my symptoms.


Absolutely loved this! So well organised, everything you need all in one place!


In this ebook, I really appreciate the wealth of good information that is presented in such a way that is easy to understand. Kayla is extraordinarily supportive and encouraging through all of the content that she delivers, and this ebook is no exception!


This book has seriously changed my life! I had been diagnosed with PCOS over 10 years ago and never had even thought that most of my symptoms I was experiencing was something I had control over. I went from feeling unwell every day and not having enough energy to even do small tasks, to feeling like a whole new person. The PCOS bible has given me a new understanding of how to nourish my body and definitely helped me understand how nutrition can impact my mood (and that fats aren’t the enemy)! I also used to never think I would be able to stick to a workout schedule, but now with all the energy I have found with eating right and working out properly, the at home workouts have fit perfectly into my life! I look forward to helping my body thrive with the PCOS-friendly workouts. I highly recommend this E-book to anyone with a hormonal imbalance that wants to take control of their lives again!


The ebook is well researched. This a valuable resource to understand the different types of PCOS and how to change your lifestyle depending on the advices provided. I recommend this ebook specifically to newly diagnosed who can sometimes feel overwhelmed and confused with the conflicting information out there about PCOS.

Lauren G

This ebook definetly lives up to its title! When I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 I was put on the pill to ‘fix’ the problem. Now im 27 and wanting to start a family and was told that I wasnt even ovulating and that my PCOS had become worse over the years. I searched the internet high and low to try and understand what PCOS is and its effects on my body and really got nowhere until I came across this PCOS Bible. It has helped me understand what my body is going through and how my hormnes work. I feel so much more educated and confident in what I am feeding my body. This bible hasnt just helped me understand my PCOS it has changed my mindset and given me the motivation to heal my symptoms holistically.

I couldnt reccomment the PCOS bible enough to fellow cysters. It has provided me comfort, support and confidance.


The workouts are perfect, a mixture of challenging and empowering (for somebody who is quite fit already). The explanations in the bible are clear and so insightful. I’m so happy I found this.


This e-book is a tool that every woman with PCOS should have. The amount of research gone into it is incredibly obvious, and it’s written in such a clear and concise manner. It’s something you’re going to want to read multiple times, and refer back to as an ongoing guide. It’s very clear that Kayla is passionate about this subject and dedicated to helping other women overcome their PCOS. It really makes me want to work with her directly! Highly recommend and worth every dollar!


absolutely loved the knowledge from this bible! it has helped me identify which pcos i have and how to calculate my macros. it was so simple to use the calculators and do the quizzes. so much knowledge was gained. loved the workouts too, i like how there were pictures to follow along with! you did an amazing job kayla. so happy i stumbled across your instagram when i did! xx

Georgia Treloar

As a young woman who has PCOS it can be very scary! But this book has helped me understand more than I ever thought I could about my PCOS! It’s more than just a book, it’s a tool I use in my day to day life to ensure that I am getting the most out of what I eat and my exercise! Amazing job Kayla x


This E-Book is a game changer! After receiving little information about PCOS from my doctor i found Kaylas Page! The E-Book gives you such easy knowledge on how to change the way you eat and the way you move your body to support your hormones! It has inspired my to be more informed about the foods that i am putting into my body!
The E-Book is life changing and i cannot reccomened it highly enough!

Karli Beckett

This eBook is so so informative and gives you the knowledge and ability to keep your hormones healthy and your PCOS symptoms at a minimum! I wish I discovered this eBook a long time ago so I could’ve started making all the necessary adjustments sooner!

Jordana Montesi

This eBook is a wealth of knowledge and has taught me to love and listen to my body. Additionally, the workouts are fun and achievable! Thank you, Kayla, for your positivity and for providing us with the strength to overcome PCOS!

Jordana Montesi

This eBook is incredible and has taught me to love and listen to my body. Additionally, the workouts are fun and achievable! Thank you, Kayla, for your positivity and for providing us with the strength to overcome PCOS!

Kanika Arora

I bought the ebook bundle when it was first launch and it finally gave me the courage to give up on the pill after 10 years of taking it as I finally had a support system with me in my journey towards healing my body in the face of this e-book!
Its been a few months now and the journey has its ups and downs but the PCOS Bible is always there to back me up and propel me in my journey whenever I feel lost.
I wish I had found Kayla earlier and it would have helped escaped years of misery due to lack of knowledge.

Teacher to Teacher KAYLA- you’ve made PCOS so easy to understand and control…xoxo


When I was diagnosed with PCOS I was overwhelmed by all the informations out there and I didn’t even know where to start. But this e-book was a game changer! You get so much knowledge, how to workout and eat the right food to benefit your hormones, what the root course is of my PCOS, how to listen to my body and so much more. I can just recommend to purchase it, it will change your life with PCOS


I’ve learnt so much through the Ebook and following Kayla through Instagram, it has changed my entire mindset on PCOS. The home workouts have been super achievable and have helped me maintain consistency in my routines. I have officially had TWO regular periods since learning and changing habits from this ebook and Kayla’s knowledge. So forever grateful. Thank you!

Rebekah Owens

Kayla’s knowledge and guidance in this Ebook are invaluable! It is broken down so clearly and for something like PCOS that can be overwhelming this guides you thru without adding more stress. And the workouts!! They are my favorite, enough to make you sore but not need a nap after!


Both the ebook and workout guide are such amazing resources! I’ve learnt so much about PCOS and my own body since reading it and following the advice throughout. I’ve also switched from HIIT workouts to doing the workout guides attached and am absolutely loving it and feeling great for it. Couldn’t recommend the PCOS bible to people more. So much knowledge and so easy to understand and follow!

Cat Thomson

This e-Book has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to lead a lifestyle that best manages my PCOS! Kayla has a knack for explaining the many aspects of PCOS in an easy to understand way that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, and all with the positivity you need to feel supported!

Her workouts have been a serious game-changer for me. I’ve learned so much about how to work with my body, not against it! Gone are my days of lengthy, vigorous gym classes that leave me feeling exhausted and frustrated. Now I know what exercising for my body SHOULD feel like and now there’s no turning back! Can’t recommend The PCOS Bible and workouts enough!


This ebook is amazing! It’s given me the opportunity to take back control of some things I actually can change. I LOVE the work outs! I always feel so much better after doing them and I LOVE Kayla’s approach of just really tuning in with our bodies! This ebook is literally packed with so much amazing knowledge and great info! Definitely recommend 10/10


I don’t normally post reviews but I feel like it’s absolutely necessary to encourage anyone who is considering purchasing this to bite the bullet and get it! I wish I had come across the PCOS bible earlier because I’m seriously blown away by how much I’ve learnt about this condition + how to heal my body. I’ve finally gotten the answers and in-depth explanations that no doctor has been able to provide me with since my diagnosis. I also love how the group that you get to join when purchasing the ebook offers so much more than just a regular group would – you can really see the effort and thought that’s behind this whole creation. Thank you! ❤️


To be perfectly honest, this is the only bible I have ever read through – thank goodness! This book is sooo helpful when you have been diagnosed with PCOS and have no idea how to go on, what to do now or what to change. It’s not only about food and sports but also about how to change your mental mindset, which is incredibly powerful, too. Kayla is so super inspirational and reading her book, doing the home workouts and following her on Instagram has changed my life – THANK YOU ❤️

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