The PCOS Bible eBook

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Learn how to support your body back to balance in a realistic and maintainable way!

This guide will completely transform the way you view your PCOS diagnosis with all the knowledge and actionable steps that empower you to naturally balance your hormones, improve your symptoms and feel better!

This is a 117 page digital download ebook jam packed with everything from determining the root cause of your PCOS, how to eat in a PCOS friendly way to nourish your hormones and the relevant supplements suitable for balancing hormones.

The PCOS Bible - eBook : Overcome and Heal your PCOS NaturallY

PART ONE: Root cause, nutrition & supplement guide

Newly diagnosed? Long-term warrior? Where ever you are with your PCOS, this eBook is for you, it is unlike any other.
No strict diets, no meal plans, no excessive exercise regimes, learn to nourish and listen to your body, so that you can support it in a balanced way. A natural, holistic approach to better manage and even reverse the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, to help you feel better and LOVE your body in more ways than one. more

You will learn methods to apply throughout your day that will stay with you for the rest of your life, allowing you to have control, and feel empowered for years to come. This e-Book will become a life long resource for you to use throughout your PCOS journey.
Written by a Cyster for a Cyster, Kayla has been overwhelmed and confused, restricted, and lost about what to do with her PCOS, using her knowledge and the support of the people around her, she has been able to overcome her symptoms and is determined to help other women through it too.
Kayla has a Bachelor of Psychological science, a Certificate of Human Nutrition, and is a qualified Teacher, with the help of “The Woman’s Dietitian“, Cory Ruth, MS, RDN, Naturopath Tanya Goldie, ND, and Personal trainer/Sport Scientist Anthony Lintern, she has created 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' to combine everything you need in one reliable source.
This eBook includes,
  • PCOS and Menstrual cycle Guide
    • Learn about the 'Root Causes' of PCOS and how to identify your 'root cause/s'.
    • 'Root Cause' QUIZ, with how to make changes depending on YOUR 'Root Cause/s'.
    • Discover how to 'Hack' your menstrual cycle.
  • Detailed Nutrition Guide
    • No strict Meal Plans!!!
    • Enjoy your favourite meals without feeling guilty or going backwards on what you have already achieved.
    • Sustainable methods to make meals PCOS friendly.
    • Learn the effects of different foods on the body and hormones.
    • Shift your mindset around food to help nourish your body.
    • Nutrition has been approved by qualified “The Woman’s Dietitian“, Cory Ruth, MS, RDN.
  • Carbohydrate tolerance and Macros Guide
    • Determine the carb tolerance that suits your body.
    • Use this to calculate your Macros to ensure you are giving your body the right fuel it needs. Use the BMR and Macros calculator.
    • Learn the tools that teach you that it's not all about restriction.
  • Supplement Guide
    • Learn about different hormonal balances that may be contributing to your symptoms.
    • Take the Hormonal Imbalances QUIZ to find out yours, and use the supplement guide to find specific supplement recommendations based your imbalances and symptoms.
    • Supplements suggestions have been approved by Naturopath Tanya Goldie, ND
  • 12 week Workout Program
    • No 'slogging' yourself with Cardio, no more feeling guilty for missing a session.
    • Learn to LOVE your body through a healthy balance of exercise and recovery.
    • Flexibility to allow pulling back when your body needs it.
    • Effective, balanced and achievable, exercise program suitable for all abilities with advanced options.
    • Complete video exercise library, and photos in the document to show technique and motion.
    • Available in either GYM or HOME workout version.
    • The exercise program has been checked and approved by highly qualified Personal Trainer and sports scientist, Anthony Lintern.
  • Bonus Recipes
    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Free from Refined sugar
    • Plant-based with options to add meat.


ThiS IS PART One of the PCOS Bible ebook-   please CLick for part two- the workouts HERE .

For a more detailed description about 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' please see HERE.



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The Comeback 1:1 mentoring coaching for women with PCOS Kayla Jade founder creator of the PCOS bible

If you have read 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' but require more individualised support to bridge the gap, especially accountability, ultimately you can join my mentoring program "The Comeback", a 12 week 1:1 course where I will help you understand YOUR PCOS and make realistic and maintainable changes through your diet, lifestyle and mindset. I keep you accountable and teach you how to balance your hormones so that you can stop suffering and TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR BODY. For more information on "The Comeback" please click here.

Reading 'The PCOS Bible - eBook' prior to partaking in 'The Comeback' will give you a huge advantage and our 1:1 time will be spent more effectively, allowing us to delve deeper into setting you up for success now and for in your future.

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13 reviews for The PCOS Bible eBook

Heather Allan

Kayla writes in a way that you can relate to so easily and make sense of things without it being too overwhelming. Writing from experience and consulting with experts in the field ensures that all information is as up to date and accurate as possible. I printed my copy and got it bound so I can access it easily whenever I need a reminder and having it on display reminds me that I am not alone, even when I feel like it. You can tell this book has been written from the heart to support and empower women with PCOS. I’ve learnt so much more reading this ebook than I ever did speaking with my doctor and I now have the knowledge to know what questions to ask and how to process what they tell me so it actually makes sense. Definitely something that you will read and re-read many times over as this journey isn’t an easy one but it’s feels so much more achievable with Kayla by your side!


Such a good step-by-step, simple guide to not just PCOS but hormone health in general. I’ve been seeing a naturopath for a year to assist with endometriosis symptoms, however, this guide has really helped me with what to eat! I felt so lost about what I should eat to nourish my body and help with my symptoms. I’m still in the early stages, slowly adjusting what and how I eat. Thanks Kayla, for an easy step-by-step informative guide, and for also making me feel not as alone x

Louise Warren

I am so grateful for this book. It is changing the way I see my PCOS diagnosis and helping me understand what I need to do to heal naturally.


This is an amazing resource to help better understand PCOS and ways to manage it naturally on your own. It helped me feel more empowered and capable of taking control of my own health! Kayla has worked very hard with a variety of healthcare professionals to compile reputable resources and research based content!


The PCOS Bible ebook has been a godsend! It is so nice to have such incredible information all in one place. In the beginning of my diagnosis, I was so extremely overwhelmed with all of the information out there and all of the conflicting approaches and opinions, but this ebook took that overwhelming feeling away. It provides a wealth of information in the best way possible, as it is extremely well written in a very relatable way. Worth the purchase a thousand times over!


The PCOS Bible ebook is a life-saver for me. I didn’t know how to manage my symptoms. Since I got the book, I have learnt to understand and listen to my body to control my PCOS.


I am so grateful to Kayla for creating The PCOS Bible! It is an amazing reference for anything PCOS, and is super informative in a way that is easy to understand and provides realistic ways to apply changes to your everyday life in order to heal PCOS naturally. It has helped me create much better habits especially in terms of food and just being more mindful of making the best choices for my body and to help my PCOS. Also knowing that Kayla has been through this herself, made the book so relatable because she really understands what it’s like to have PCOS, which is so helpful to have her perspective throughout. Amazing from start to finish, thank you Kayla!!


Perfect book to read if you’re confused about what your body is doing differently with PCOS. You can learn all about what foods are nourishing your body without having to restrict yourself & lots of other great info! Great job, Kayla!

Emily Weikel

I finally don’t feel so lost when it comes to my PCOS. There is a lot of info out there and a lot to absorb when first trying to heal your PCOS naturally. The PCOS Bible, I think, is the best tool to have in your toolbox for the fact that it lays all of the information you need to know in such a way that is so easy to understand. 1000% would recommend to all Cysters! <3

Patrycja Pilczuk

The ebook has made me become aware of how I can deal with my pcos and it helped me find out my root cause. It has really helped me with understanding what I can do to my body with diet in order to not have the pcos side effects I was experiencing. By cutting out gluten and sugar I feel better, less bloated, skin and have improved. The e book is an amazing tool to have if you’re battling with pcos. I didn’t think twice about getting it, neither should you x

Ashley S.

This is such an easy read with such valuable information included! I’ve learned a lot about what types of foods to eat and how to nourish my body in an optimal way. Kayla writes this as if she is your bff and is sitting on the couch with you. I often reread this just because it’s so helpful and it’s comforting to be reassured that we have the power to change!

Ashley Stauder

100% recommend this book! Kayla writes in such a way that is comforting and seems like she is your bff sitting on your couch having a lovely conversation. The information is beyond valuable and very informative. I’ve learned how to nourish my body and eat optimally for my health.


I’m so grateful to have found Kayla’s page and her amazing ebook! PCOS can be so challenging to manage or even know where to begin but Kayla breaks it down into an easy to follow process helping to get to the bottom of what’s causing your individual symptoms and how to manage them. THANK YOU!!

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